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Helpful Links

Need help with taxes?
MJW has a collection of helpful links to assist you with financial planning and tax preparation.
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Connecticut Economic Resource Center (CERC) [1]

CT Department of Labor [2]

CT Department of Revenue Services [3]

CT Secretary of State [4]

Donation Value Guide [5]

Filing Due Dates [6]

HealthCare.Gov [7]

Identity Protection PIN [8]

Identity Verification Service [9]

Internal Revenue Service [10]

IRS – Health Care Tax Credit [11]

MA Department of Revenue Services [12]

NAEA [13]

NY Department of Revenue Services [14]

Property Tracker [15]

Report IRS Scams [16]

Social Security Administration [17]

Taxpayer Bill of Rights [18]

Town of Clinton, CT [19]

Town of Guilford, CT [20]

Town of Madison, CT [21]

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