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About Us

National Tax & Financial Services (formerly MJW EA & Company LLC) in Madison provide year-round tax and bookkeeping services for both the individual and the small business. Our tax clients include the 1040 crowd (individuals), the 1065/1120 movers and shakers (small businesses), the 990 non-profiters and the 1041 club (trusts and estates).

Apart from our voluminous tax work, we also provide personal and business planning for retirement and advising on the best strategy for receiving your Social Security benefits.

Ethics, integrity, care for the client’s needs and a passion for helping people is what has gone into the 30+ years of building this company. As a client, you can expect genuine interest in your situation, attention above and beyond what you might expect from a tax firm, a team who is on your side researching answers to the tough tax questions and zealous representation in front of the IRS (should the need arise).

While accounting was her beginning, Mary Jo, founder of MJW EA & Company LLC (now part of National Tax & Financial Services), soon discovered a love for taxes and in 1982 decided that becoming an Enrolled Agent would be the best path in order to provide the type of tax service she wanted to provide to our clients. Why an EA (Enrolled Agent) and not a CPA (Certified Public Accountant)? Basically:

Who else would you want handling your taxes?

Meet the Staff…

Mary Jo Walker

Mary Jo WalkerAs head of this office, I have to understand accounting and tax standards, practices, rules and regulations. To that end, I have been an Enrolled Agent since 1989 and have been diligent in staying abreast of changes in the field. But in day to day practice, my focus goes beyond knowledge in my field.

In any conversation it is easy to hear what you want to hear or what you expect to hear. I have found that my primary job is to listen, both to clients and employees. When I do that well, the solutions we propose to client issues are tailored to the specific client. We want no “one size fits all” solutions coming out of this office. Each is specific to a particular situation; context is always relevant.

The work we do is detailed and serious, but it is also very human, rewarding, often fun and sometimes strange. Very few tax and accounting professionals have had the experience of taking an ill client’s birds to a bird rehab center in a small convertible (I like convertibles). The song “Somewhere Over the Rainbow,”  which might be my favorite song ever, reminds me that life is serious, strange, fun and always an adventure.  I wouldn’t have it any other way. Contact me at mwalker@yournational.com [1].


Christine Nocera

Hi, my name is Christine and I just started working at MJW EA & Company LLC (now National Tax & Financial Services) in August of 2018.  I’ll be working part-time until the “busy season” when I expect I’ll be here full-time!  I will be preparing individual tax returns as well as a few gift tax and business returns.  I started my tax career at PWC in Hartford (at the time, it was just Price Waterhouse) after receiving my Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from UConn and acquiring my CPA license shortly thereafter.  I spent 13+ years there before moving to New York City (a dream come true for me!).  I stayed with PWC, but transferred into their Learning and Development area.  After a career of 26+ years, I retired and moved to Madison, CT.  I am happily back doing what I love, which is everything taxes!!  I am enjoying the easy camaraderie of Mary Jo Walker’s office and learning (and re-learning) a lot from all of the professionals here.

I’ve walked a couple of marathons and I have to get those 10,000 steps in every day!  I love to travel, read, cross-stitch and I love to laugh!  Contact me at cnocera@yournational.com [2].


Stephen LeFebvre

My role at National Tax & Financial is as a Tax Preparer and Accountant.  My professional background consists of 12 years in tax and accounting, 15 years in sales, and I’m a lifelong Musician. My instrument is the trumpet.  Sometimes people ask me what is my favorite song, and I can only say that there are so many that I can/have played, that it would be sort of hard to pin that one down.  So, I was asked what was the strangest thing I ever did…so, there was this one time at band camp…no, really – this happened:  Our high school band was playing a halftime show. I tripped over the cymbals player’s foot and went flying through the air.  Apparently, I protected my trumpet and rolled on the turf safely, but parts of my band uniform were sort of, well, scattered, and of course the entire football team was watching.  They gave us a nice round of applause.  The cymbals player was unscathed, but both of us were beet red in the face. We had no idea what we had done but the videotape is hilarious.  Contact me at slefebvre@yournational.com [3].