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“I am so pleased to have the opportunity to tell anyone, from friends to various groups or associations, of how much I value my association with MJW EA.  After years of dealing with various smart, but cold, and hurried tax accountants—always leaving me with questions and no counsel, as well as annually exploding, and unreasonable fees for a very simple tax preparation, I was rather amazed.  I was especially amazed at immediately feeling so much at ease.”       Spring Bay, Virgin Gorda

“The striking feature of MJW EA is their professional and confidential commitment to their clients.  When you grow up and live in a small town it is difficult to maintain that confidence.  I never have to worry about the interface with the community and feel very comfortable recommending them to others I know.”          Madison, CT

“…As state laws changed on civil unions and with the adoption of our son, MJW EA informed us of the new financial implications and directed us toward additional resources as appropriate.  As we prepare for the financial commitment to our son’s college education and our own personal retirement, MJW EA also thoroughly advises us.  As the economy has gone through the recent down turn, we were as well prepared as could be expected owing in large part to the excellent organization of our personal finances as MJW EA had instilled.  MJW EA has been an excellent resource and true personal asset to us.  We would recommend their services without hesitation.”   Clinton, CT

“Thanks to MJW EA I ended last year and headed into the new with a sound foundation in my personal finance.  The confidence I feel with my newfound knowledge of my financial status is immeasurable.  The picture is not as pretty as I would like, but I am getting there.  I can see the end of my debt and that is a far cry from where I was.  It is great to have a plan and even better to know I have a professional in my corner that understands me, my life style and my limitations.  Thank you for giving me this gift of a financial education; it is one I intend to pass on for generations.”    Guilford, CT

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